Welcome to the Trail Warrior Project. We are a Veteran non-profit organization providing guided bikepacking and adventure cycling trips. Our mission is to provide guided outdoor activities for veterans to spend time in nature as a restorative experience.  


"This ride was packed with awesome scenery and great conversations with fellow veterans. I was able to disconnect from everything stressful in life and focus all my attention on the moment. I was able to push myself mentally and physically as well. Thank you Trail Warriors for this amazing opportunity. I haven’t had that much fun in a long time."

Joshua Junkin - El Paso ride - 2021


Ambition v. Reality

It seemed like no matter how much I told my legs to go, they refused to put out more than 10%. I thought I probably just needed to eat ...

Big Bend Expedition 2019

On December 14-17 the Trail Warrior Project had their inaugural Veterans bikepacking expedition at the Big Bend Ranch State Park. There...

La Cucaracha!

Even though my mind was saying "this place is all kinds of shady" we were in no position to be selective...

New Mexico Off Road Runner

Some endeavors are strange in the realm of planning, doing, and remembering. This was a surreal experience. We spent 2 months planning, 9...

Bat s**t crazy

Well, here’s our late Anniversary story. We took off this weekend to bikepack part of the Caprock Trail-way. Kind of a late-anniversary...

Caprock v3 - Bob hates me

I think we all need those humbling experiences in life. The ones that change your perspective and leave a lasting impression. Since I...


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