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Monumental Loop

By: Odis Franklin


Route Info

Set in the desert surrounding Las Cruces, NM, this is an amazing ride. We usually ride this route in January or February as it is the perfect riding weather around Las Cruces. It can get a little cold at night, but daytime weather is off the hook. You can see the Organ Mountains the entire trip!

There are several key features you will come across on the trip including Kilbourne Hole on the Southern loop and Sparky's world famous green chili burgers on the North loop.

A hardtail MTB or Full suspension is best suited with 2.2 or bigger tires. There is some sand but not enough to warrant a fat bike on this version of the route.

There are a few resupplies as you go through Las cruces making the second loop and a few burrito stops on the southern loop. You can do the loop either way, split it up and do only one or whatever suits your fancy or have time for. We don't recommend doing this in the Summer months as it will be too hot.


    250 Miles

  • DAYS 6







  • DIFFICULTY (1-10)


Important Info

Northern Loop Write-Up.

Southern Loop Write-Up

Camp Options 

1. Northern Loop - any BLM Land or the state park by Rincon.
Southern Loop, anywhere really.

Re-Supply Options:

  1. Water should be marked on the map and is reliable in most spots. Bring a filter. There is however a water trough that is about 6 feet tall and cement before Kilbourne Hole doing the Southern Loop Clockwise. It is a few miles before you get to the hole. If you miss it there is a windmill and water about 10 miles past the hole.


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