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Route Info Provided By: Jack Christian

Route Info

This route has been ridden several times by different folks. It is a classic trans OK gravel route and been adopted by most everyone as the go to route.
As little pavement as possible on this route other than through towns and connecting roads to gravel. Wichita wildlife area is pavement but beautiful and low travel road.


    360 Miles

  • DAYS 6







  • DIFFICULTY (1-10)


Important Route Info

Mile 46 lake store and campground Tom steed lake Mile 71 medicine park restaurant stores and camping in the wild life area Pavement thought the wildlife area but it’s a beautiful ride’

Mile 112 ft Cobb restaurant stores Camping at ft Cobb lake

Mile 141 Hinton with restaurants and store and camping at red rock canyon

Mile 150 loves store and sonic

Mile 186 Okarche Everything is available

Mile 208 is Cashion which I have a mile off the route which can be gone into with stores and restaurants.

Mile 225 Guthrie with all thing’s available

Mile 267 Stillwater and a stop at district bike and all available

Mile 317 ralston with everything available

Mile 324 Fairfax is a mile off route and has all available amenities

Mile 351 foreaker Limited amenities

Kansas line 360 miles


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