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Guided adventure cycling | bikepacking trips for Veterans

The Trail Warrior Project provides guided Veteran expeditions in the form of adventure cycling / bikepacking trips. We will be posting new expeditions here and on our Facebook page. Details can be found on the individual expedition pages for each ride. 

If you want to join us for a trip but don't have the right gear, don't worry! We've got your six. Thanks to our awesome sponsors, we have 5 high-end mountain bikes perfectly suited for bikepacking. We have all the specific bags and high quality tents, sleeping bags, pads, cook systems, and more. Of course, you are welcome to bring your own equipment. Just don't let 'not having gear' hold you back. 

The bikepacking trips are intended to provide an opportunity for veterans to unite with others in a positive, team-building, and clarifying journey ranging from overnighters to multi-day trips. The concepts practiced are inspired by The 3-Day Effect. The rides are intended to challenge the individual participants physically and mentally while utilizing team building, grounding techniques, problem solving, and overcoming challenges. 

We simply like to get outdoors and create memorable and positive experiences with fellow service members. 

If you didn't serve in the military, you may still be able to join us. Although Veterans take top priority on ride placement and gear|equipment assignments, we often have non-military attendees on trips. Sign up for the trip you want to attend. There's a place on the form to let us know if you are a veteran or not.

We hope to see you on the trail!

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