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Trail Warrior First Rides

We are excited to announce our initial phase of the Trail Warrior Project! A 2 weekend event to see what bikepacking is all about!

*** Saturday, October 5th - Prepare for the overnighter bikepacking event by riding with your gear. This is an important ride to make sure your stuff stays where you want it for our upcoming bikepacking event. Our "overnighter" will be happening 2 weeks after this ride, so please be here is you are planning on the overnighter to Colorado City State Park.

This will be a 20-30 mile ride with your gear leaving from the Coahoma football field at 10:00 a.m.

***Saturday, October 19th - CCITY Overnighter - Leave the Coahoma Football stadium at noon to ride to the Colorado City State Park which is 25 miles away. We will camp out and ride back the next morning. Enjoy a nice gravel county road and a campfire and good times! Easy pace, but bring all your camping gear attached to your bike or your back!

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