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Thinking about the Overnighter?

If you attended the bikpacking clinic at the Train Car a few weeks ago and are interested in the overnighter, we are working out the final details, but it is important that you start riding now, even a few times a week and it is OK if your bike doesn't have the stuff loaded for these training rides. Part of enjoying the bikepacking experience is being comfortable while riding. Tips:

1. Start out with short rides, and yes it is normal for your legs to feel like jello when you get off the bike first few times. Gradually add a few miles at a time until you can ride for an hour or so and feel comfortable.

2. Use padded riding shorts or bibs and chamois cream. Yes, it really does help and I have a ton of extra shorts donated to us that I can give you if you need any.

3. Your bike "fit" or seat height is very important for riding comfort and I can help you get your bike set-up correctly.

4. Drink plenty of water or Gatorade while riding!

5. Be patient, your legs and @ss will hurt for a few weeks until you get accustomed to riding, but it will pass!

6. Have fun!

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