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The bearded logo - foam on the stache

Updated: May 1, 2019

When I was kicking the idea around of starting this blog, I was considering a logo. Played with a bike tire seal of some kind or a shaped outdoorsy crest but nothing seemed to stick. At the time, several friends and I were protesting the idea of shaving so there was the whole 'beard' angle. Being from the Pacific Northwest, I have fond memories of pine trees and forests where climbing a tree resulted in a sticky (although pleasant smelling) pitch or 'sap' stuck to your hands. I'm sure by now you can see where the inspiration came from.

What I ended up with was this. A fun, creative representation of childhood enthused exploration, biking, camping, and all things outdoors..... and beards I guess.

Well it works.

I'll see about getting some gear available in the future.

I used primarily CCO Creative Commons png's to create it with the beard coming from here.

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