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Letting Go

Some things are changing. With everything going on in the world right now, that's a pretty broad statement. I'm not referring to the COVID-19 situation though. Here at The Trail Warrior Project, we are making a few changes and, under the circumstances, it's kind of cathartic to share them in this way.

We recently cancelled our planned expedition to Ruidoso. That was tough. A lot of planning and excitement builds up before these rides for us as well as the participants. We will schedule more trips, and another visit to this beautiful region, once things get back to normal.

This led us to think of "letting go" in a more general use. Years ago I started Sap&Sprocket with the hopes of blogging about bikepacking and possibly monetizing an online store with related gear. I poked around with that idea for awhile, bought the domain names, created this website, and kept working towards... something. A couple years ago, I met Odis Franklin and we started bikepacking together. A few months later, we joined our friend John Carter for what would be the most meaningful expedition of our lives to that point. That ride through New Mexico, after 9 days of free exploration and adventure by bike, we sat around a campfire and created The Trail Warrior Project as an idea. Things moved fast and more changes were inevitable. With John's passing last year, we had to practice some "letting go" of our own.

Reflecting back on the last couple years, I realize how often things change. If I were to look forward and write out where I see myself in 12 months, what trips I may have taken, what my position would be at work, or even where The Trail Warrior Project would be, I would likely be surprised to find my own predictions would not be accurate. Change happens, what was once an exciting concept becomes a past accomplishment. Future goals become photos in an album or thoughts of "what if?".

Change is not bad, not inherently by nature. It's just change... it's just different. We let go in a positive way sometimes. Letting go is a thoughtful, appreciative, reminiscent, deliberate decision to accept change.

All of these thoughts just to make a simple announcement really. It was time to do the annual renewal of "" and I thought - maybe it's time to let go. The last year or two has hosted the creation of an amazing new group of friends, fellow trail warriors, through the inception of The Trail Warrior Project. We have done a few rides now and met some truly amazing people. We have decided to simply just be The Trail Warrior Project. Our Facebook page and website are being updated accordingly. Sap&Sprocket will be a pleasant memory and part of the history that led us to where we are now and where we will be in the future.

We are excited for our future expeditions, the new friends we will meet and the old friends we will get to ride with again. See you all on the trail!

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