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New Wild West Route App

Anyone thinking about doing all or part of the "Wild West Route" can now download an app with offline navigation and waypoints for your device to navigate. More route info can be found here:

Wild West Route at a Glance

Route length: 2,700 miles Total climbing: 185,000 feet Recommended number of days: 40-65 (~40-70 miles/day) Recommended starting location/direction: Dependent on time of year – For SoBo riders, starting mid-summer is generally ideal. For NoBo riders, starting late Spring will work best in most years.

% Paved (approx.): 20% % Dirt road (approx.): 55% % 4x4 road/2-track (approx.): 25% % Singletrack (approx.): 0.1% % Rideable (approx.): 98%

Average physical difficulty* (1-10): 5 Average technical difficulty* (1-10): 4.5 Bikepacking challenges: Limited water, limited resupply options, remote, summer heat in southern and lower-elevation sections of the route, impassible in areas when wet Longest stretch between resupply (miles/days): 155 miles / ~3 days (Segment 3); 90+ miles between towns occur on numerous segments Longest stretch between water sources (miles/days): 95 miles / 1-2 days (Segment 7); stretches of ~50 miles between water occur on numerous segments

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