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Moss Lake Trail Review

It's been about 7 years since I had been to Moss Lake to ride the trails out there and have been itching to go since I got the Salsa Mukluk fatbike.

Today ended up being the perfect day, overcast with the threat of storms looming I headed out on the trail.

It was not quite the same trail system it was 7 years ago, there was quite a bit of new trail that had been cut and I ended up getting on some stuff a little too difficult for my skill-set and had to walk a little and even hit the dirt once. There was a good mix of jumps, single track, jeep road and gravel road. Some single-track even had burms and it was pretty cool to hit those on the fatty. I didn't even touch all of the trails out there, but rode for an hour and had a blast! I recommend heading out there for a good time in the dirt! It has options for riders of all skill levels!

Moss lake is about 10 miles east of Big Spring and there is a $3 entry fee per vehicle. The trail system is located behind the lake. After you pay your entry fee go across the dam and then straight up a hill and take an immediate right. Follow the road past an old oil well location and turn right to the parking area and hit the trail!

My Strava ride is below:

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