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2020 - What a Year!

Here at the Trail Warrior project, we have had quite a year, like everyone else has due to the "C" word. We always start our "year" out with a December expedition at Big Bend Ranch State park. The ride is a 70-90 mile loop and we take 4 days to complete the loop. There is a lot of "Hike a Bike" and we want to make it an enjoyable event for our veterans, not just a sufferfest. Don't get me wrong, there will be some suffering involved, but it is part of the experience.

January of 2020 we had a men's retreat/beginner bikepacking clinic scheduled in Las Cruces and ended up with only one rider showing up. We ended up doing part of the Monumental Loop, which was very tough.

We didn't get to do another event due to Covid the rest of the year, but we did go to Ruidoso and scout a 100 mile trip that goes through the Lincoln National Forest. It is a beautiful route and you can look up a ride report on It's called the "Billy the Kid and Lincoln National Forest" route.

We are currently planning our 2021 event calendar, but we know we will start it off with our annual Big Bend trip and already have registration maxed out. We will start the last week of 2020 and celebrate the New Year on the trail in true Trail Warrior fashion!

Happy Trails!

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