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Welcome Message to ALL Veterans

There are a ton of veteran organizations out there today and most of them do really good things. Some limit their organizations to certain veteran groups, like post 9/11 veterans. Personally, I have had an experience with one of these organizations and since I am a Desert Storm era veteran, I was told to pound sand basically, or in other words, I wasn't welcome. It pissed me off, bothered me pretty bad, because we are all supposed to be brothers and sisters, no matter when we served.

The Trail Warrior Project is not like that, we welcome ALL veterans to participate. It doesn't matter when or where you served. Simply put, YOU are welcome to be part of our organization! To show our diversity, on the Big Bend Expedition, we have veterans from Vietnam through Post 9/11.

If you are interested in joining us, please reach out and register for events. We would love to talk to you and see you on an expedition.


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