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Veterans Day Fundraiser

The annual Veterans Day ride was a huge success this year! We had 36 registered riders, our biggest year yet! We have our ride on Veterans Day to honor all who have served our country. The ride starts at CPL Ray's Coffee Shop and makes a 17 mile loop that goes by the Vietnam Memorial and the Chris Kyle Memorial to remember the sacrifices of our brave service members.

We use the funds to take veterans on bikepacking trips in various locations throughout Eastern New Mexico and Texas with plans to expand in the future. We provide all gear needed for a multi-day bikepacking expedition, including the bike and all camping equipment.

We would like to thank the PBBA and everyone that either donated or participated in the ride. Without you, we would not be able to be successful. The ride was founded by Bill Murphy, a local Vietnam Veteran and long time cyclist and PBBA member. He continues to support the local veteran community and is definitely loved by all. I would also like to say thanks to Bill for having the vision to make this ride a thing for real, and from one soldier to another, HOOAH!

Here is a picture from our first Veterans Day ride at CPL Ray's with John Carter and Bill Murphy.

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