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Selle Anatomica - Believe the Hype!!

I have always heard of how comfortable leather saddles were from my friends and read it online. I really didn't believe the hype too much. While we were riding the NMORR, I jumped on Mick's bike a few times and it was really a big difference it seemed and got me thinking.

I have had more hell trying to find a bike saddle that works for me for the last 2 years. I was riding a Selle Italia Q-Bik Pro saddle and it was a cheaper saddle, about $35 and my bum really liked it. I rode one for about 5 years and then all of a sudden Selle quit making the exact model. They had some similar, but I always ended up chaffed and couldn't get comfortable on them. Last year at Hell Week (more about that in another post) we rode about 600 miles and I switched to a Specialized saddle and it was tolerable, but still hurt on long rides.

When I got back from vacation and started riding regularly again, I started having all kids of issues with my saddles again and it was to the point that I didn't want to ride my bike. I ended up buying a Selle Anatomica X1 saddle I found on clearance at their website. I put it on my bike like the instructions said and went for a ride and NO issues whatsoever. It was actually comfortable and no chaffing at all! It is touted to be the most comfortable saddle in the world and I believe it! If you are new to riding, you may want to start off with this one. Many new cyclist quit because your bum hurts worse than anything when you are a new rider! Pricepoint is about $120-$135

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