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NMORR Day 2...Struck all our Matches

I'll randomly post some write-ups of memorable days on the bike.....this was very memorable.

We got up late, it was a very cold night and we all woke up in the night shivering and put on more clothes. I vowed to stay in the sleeping bag until it got warm but I heard the crackling of a fire and I got up to warm my bones. John followed soon and we drank a ton of coffee to warm our souls and talk about the day ahead, hoping for better roads. Me and Mick backtracked a few miles to the windmill from the day before and filtered water for the day ahead for us.

We headed out about 10:30 and found the terrain much more tolerable with some muddy areas, but much flatter and suited us West Texas boys riding style.

After 30ish miles of dirt, I remember seeing a rancher and was so happy as it was the first human we had seen in 2 days. Shortly after that we came to an intersection that was paved and we all fueled up on snacks as we prepared to push to Moriarity, which was another 40ish miles ahead.

We had a tailwind and some downhill and were flying down the road. We all felt like supermen and pushed too hard trying to make the saloon in town to get a cold draft and food before bed. We rolled into town all wore out from the long hard push and ended up eating at the local burger joint and went back to the hotel, showered and passed out.

We learned a valuable lesson on this day, not only can you strike all of your matches for the day on an 80 lb bike, but you can strike them all for 2 days. (My friend Doug says you only have so many matches to strike on a bike ride and then you are done for the day or out of energy).

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