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By: Odis Franklin

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Route Info

The route is a rare gem as it is a long distance bikepacking route from Coahoma, TX to Fredericksburg, TX. Texas is known for it's private land and that is what makes this ride so unique as it utilizes public camping areas and county roads to connect over 300 miles of historic riding.


    320 Miles

  • DAYS 6







  • DIFFICULTY (1-10)


Important Info

These miles may not be exact but are close. You will find water along the route after Colorado City about 1/3 to 1/2 way to Oak Creek lake. Fill up! They are horse troughs and water hoses. Fill up at least once and use a filter. We filtered water at most places that had a hydrant, even at the Post Office in Maryneal.

Camp Options 

1. Colorado City state park 27 Miles ( Store 5 miles up road)
2. Oak creek lake 64 Miles 
3. Ballinger lake. 40 Miles or Hotel Options

     a. Executive Inn  3253655717 Ballinger Inn  3253653600

   b.Ballinger Municipal Lake Park

4. Brady lake   74ish Miles 

Hotel Options or Cabins at lake? 

     a. Holiday Inn 3255971800

     b. Best Western 3255973997

5. Llano river just south of Mason.  58 Miles or Hotel Options

     a. Mile 260  Hill Country Inn / Mason  3253476317

     b. Mile 268  Dos Rios RV Park  5125533977

6. Fredericksburg.  52 Miles 

Re-Supply Options:

  1. Store 5 miles from 1st night camp and next morning in Colorado City within a few miles.

  2. Maryneal Water at Post Office or Church Mile 68ish

  3. Cafe in Blackwell 

    1. Mile 89  Blue Agave Cattle Co.  Open Thurs/Fri/Sat  5:30PM to 12:30AM  3252642583
      Mile 89  Blackwell City Cafe Tues-Sat Closes @ 2pm   3252823922

    2. Mile 92  McWhorters Live Bait - Oak Creek Lake   325-282-3071

  4. Mile 104 Bronte Stripes/Dollar Store/Cafe

  5. Ballinger Mile 138 Stripes/Dollar Store/Cafe

  6. Brady Mile 214 Brady Lake Store  3255971823    Lowes Supermarket

  7. Mason Mile 260

  8. Doss General Store Mile 295

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